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Evidence and Building a Case

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In the cyber realm, security teams might come across an activity that can be easily overlooked - but shouldn’t be. Some call it a “gut feeling”, E.J. Hillbert calls it JDFR: Just Doesn’t Feel Right. Adversaries have become adept at hiding their tracks and security teams should learn to use intuition to some degree to spot anomalous behaviour.

But, once an incident occurs - how should organizations respond? There is a thin line between incident response and incident management, and E.J. points out that too many C-suite members are quick to respond to an incident without understanding exactly how they will manage the resolution of the incident. Therefore, organizations shouldn’t overlook the importance of incident management following a security breach.

In this episode of Managing Cyber Risk, E.J. Hillbert, Principal at KCE Cyber Consultants and retired FBI agent, joins Mark Sangster and Hillarie McClure to discuss the collection and preserving of evidence as part of digital forensics in the cyber landscape.

Listen to the full episode as E.J. explains the science of JDFR: Just Doesn’t Feel Right and working with law enforcement in the aftermath of a cyber attack.


Mark Sangster, Cybersecurity Author and Expert
E.J. Hillbert, Principal,

KCE Cyber Consultants


Hillarie McClure, VP of Multimedia Productions,

Cybersecurity Ventures

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