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Webinar | Dec 02, 2020

Defending Against Modern Ransomware: Lessons from the SunWalker Incident

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In this webinar we look at how the ransomware-as-a-service market has helped lower the entry barriers for prospective cybercrime entrepreneurs, creating a larger number of ransomware attacks against legitimate organizations. We also look at a ransomware attack, The SunWalker Incident, to get an understanding the motivations, capabilities and possible future actions of its players. Join experts from eSentire and VMware Carbon Black as they take a deep dive into the SunWalker incident and what it can teach us about the ever-changing world of cybercrime.

Key Insights:

  • How we view cybercrime operations being supported by four pillars: tools, expertise, reputation and organization
  • How cybercrime organizations are operationalizing and their preferred methods of choice
  • Dive into how the SunWalker incident exemplifies a modern and all-too-common attack scenario that combines multiple tools and techniques


Mark Sangster, VP & Industry Security Strategist, eSentire
Greg Foss, Senior Security Strategist, VMware Carbon Black
Rob McLeod, Director Threat Response Unit, eSentire
Keegan Keplinger, Research and Reporting Lead, eSentire

Vmcb tr lp thumb 600x600 v1 rev 01