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Webinar | Feb 04, 2021

Architecture, Engineering and Construction: Into the Mind of an Attacker and Making the Business Case for Additional Protections

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The architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries lack cybersecurity guidance as they are not highly regulated and not an obvious target. However, the reliance on technology and remote connectivity is a huge factor for conducting business. While physical security is present at jobsites to prevent theft and vandalism, protection is also needed to prevent cybersecurity threats. Business disruption, unplanned costs and reputational damage are just a few of the outcomes if a breach occurs. Join Wes Hutcherson, Director of Product Marketing, and information security consultant Chuck Ben-Tzur as they take you through the state of the AEC landscape and tales from a penetration tester, making the business case for 24x7x375 protection.

Key Insights:

  • Go into the mind of a simulated attacker that targets AEC organizations and their unique risks
  • Advice on primary actions organizations can take to protect themselves
  • Steps on how to develop your specific risk and potential ROI and take you through an example
  • Key statistics on the state of the AEC landscape

To learn more, visit our landing page on Architecture, Engineering and Construction cybersecurity challenges.

Construction webinar thumb with icon 590x590