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TRU Positives: Weekly investigation summaries and recommendations from eSentire's Threat Response Unit (TRU)

OnlyDcRatFans: Malware Distributed Using Explicit Lures of OnlyFans Pages and Other Adult Content

BY eSentire Threat Response Unit (TRU)

June 15, 2023 | 5 MINS READ


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Adversaries don’t work 9-5 and neither do we. At eSentire, our 24/7 SOCs are staffed with Elite Threat Hunters and Cyber Analysts who hunt, investigate, contain and respond to threats within minutes.

We have discovered some of the most dangerous threats and nation state attacks in our space – including the Kaseya MSP breach and the more_eggs malware.

Our Security Operations Centers are supported with Threat Intelligence, Tactical Threat Response and Advanced Threat Analytics driven by our Threat Response Unit – the TRU team.

In TRU Positives, eSentire’s Threat Response Unit (TRU) provides a summary of a recent threat investigation. We outline how we responded to the confirmed threat and what recommendations we have going forward.

Here’s the latest from our TRU Team…

What did we find?

In May 2023, we identified DcRAT, a clone of AsyncRAT, at a consumer services customer. DcRAT is a remote access tool with info-stealing and ransomware capabilities. The malware is actively distributed using explicit lures for OnlyFans pages and other adult content.

The Lures

In observed instances, victims were lured into downloading Zip files containing a VBScript loader which is executed manually. File naming convention suggest the victims were lured using explicit photos or OnlyFans content for various adult film actresses.

Due to lack of telemetry, we were unable to identify how victims were served the Zip file in the May case. Analysis of samples submitted to VirusTotal dates this activity back to January 2023, with new samples submitted as recently as June 4th, 2023.

VBScript Loader

The loader (MD5 43876a44cc7736ff6432cb5d14c844fe) is a slightly modified version of this VBScript file analyzed by Splunk in 2021. The script is a legitimate printer-related Windows script modified to include the loader.

The script contains the same overall functionality of earlier versions; thus, this will only be a summary:

  1. The payload, dynwrapx.dll, and shellcode are embedded within the file and are hex encoded, reversed, and padded with junk characters. The strings are reversed, and the extra characters replaced during runtime.
    • A small change from other version is the use of 3-character length junk strings such as (“X_x”) in the image below. Since the string is reversed prior to the replace() function, the actual string to replace should be “x_X”. Fortunately for whomever modified the script, this VBScript function is case-insensitive.
  2. Figure 1 Snippet showing shellcode extraction and decoding.
  3. Checks the OS (Operating Systems) architecture using WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) and spawns a new 32-bit process if necessary.
  4. Extracts the embedded dynwrapx.dll file, decodes it and registers it using Regsvr32 to gain access to DynamicWrapperX object.
  5. Uses the object to load CallWindowProcW from user32.dll and VirtualAlloc from kernel32.dll.
  6. Figure 2 Shellcode execution and payload injection.
  7. Loads the payload (BinaryData) into memory then calls CallWindowProcW to execute the shellcode, ultimately injecting the payload into \Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\RegAsm.exe.

The Payload

In observed cases, the payload was DcRAT, which was injected into RegAsm.exe. Not to be confused with Dark Crystal RAT, this Remote Access Tool is a modified version of the popular AsyncRAT. The code for DcRAT is available on GitHub, although the author decided to archive it in February 2022 due to “abuse”.

Comparing the repos, DcRAT includes multiple plugins not offered in the base AsyncRAT repository.

Figure 3 Comparing plugins for DcRAT and AsyncRAT

Beyond baseline capabilities such as keylogging, remote access, webcam monitoring, and file manipulation, DcRAT offers a browser credential and cookie stealer, a Discord token stealer and ransomware plugin (among other features).

The ransomware plugin encrypts non-system files and appends “.DcRat” to the filename:

Figure 4 Snippet of DcRAT's ransomware plugin.

When encryption is completed, an extortion note is left on the Desktop containing a list of encrypted files:

Figure 5 Creating the extortion note following encryption.

Distinguishing DcRAT from AsyncRAT

DcRAT is likely to be flagged by AV or malware sandboxes as AsyncRAT given most of the codebase is the same. The easiest method of quickly identifying DcRAT is by examining the PBKDF2 salt value using a tool such as dnSpy:

Figure 6 PBKDF2 salt value as viewed in dnSpy.

DcRAT can also be identified by examining the decrypted configuration, where the mutex contains DC*string*RatMutexqwqdan3chun:

Figure 7 Decrypted DcRAT configuration. Mutex is highlighted.

Or by examining the X509Certificate:

Figure 8 Certificate extracted from config, parsed using CyberChef with DcRAT identifiers highlighted

How did we find it?

What did we do?

What can you learn from this TRU positive?

Recommendations from our Threat Response Unit (TRU) Team:

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