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Blog | Dec 04, 2018

Driving continuous improvements with Risk Advisory and Managed Prevention

Organizations struggle with the delicate balance between the ever-changing threat landscape and growing pressure from more rigorous regulatory and compliance requirements. One of the greatest challenges is understanding how to best leverage limited resources (people, time, and money) to meet security and compliance objectives adequately. At times these are unaligned competing interests. In other words, what makes you compliant doesn’t always make you more secure.

So how do we handle these competing pressures? How do we translate and utilize data to make informed decisions about where best to invest limited resources to get the most out of them? These are the types of difficult questions for which our customers often look for answers.

Through Managed Detection and Response (MDR), eSentire delivers world-class threat hunting, detection and response capabilities that keep our customers’ systems, networks and endpoints secure, 24x7x365. They, then, can run their business, whatever it might be, without worrying about a business-disrupting event.

But what if we take the data we have today about specific threats in their environment or in peer environments or from global threat intelligence information and combine it with holistic data about their current security posture and maturity to help drive better outcomes? Or, if we take that information and help align the right resources on the right problems, at the right time?

With the launch of eSentire’s Risk Advisory and Managed Prevention, we are doing just that.

  • Risk Advisory and Managed Prevention allows us to programmatically, over time and across many data points, begin to measure a firm’s current cybersecurity posture and maturity.
  • Then, we can work to improve that cybersecurity program over time by helping customers align priorities based on data that merges multiple datasets; from vulnerability data and penetration testing results with real-time threat data at both a micro (company) or macro (global threat intelligence) levels.
  • This risk-based approach based on evidence and real-world data will result in a thoughtful and pragmatic approach to holistic security and compliance.
  • Our team of experts will work with our customers over time to build, define, execute and measure against a defined cybersecurity roadmap. As the old adage still holds true today: “Security is a journey, not a destination.”

Risk Advisory and Managed Prevention has been designed from the ground-up to be tailored to your needs and current risk appetite by having different packages with increasing depth and capabilities, allowing you to choose level of engagement. It will drive identification and awareness of gaps and then drive activity to address those gaps in a prioritized sequence.

As part of the Risk Advisory and Managed Prevention availability, we will launch a new preventative-based endpoint: Managed Endpoint Defense powered by Carbon BlackTM in January 2019 as well as our next-generation of esRECON, which will become foundational to our ability to collect vulnerability, risk and asset data in our customers’ environments. The new managed prevention solution will help organizations accelerate time to value quickly deploying, operationalizing and hardening industry leading Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) protection preventing attackers from executing payloads and compromising systems.

We are excited about the launch of our Risk Advisory and Managed Prevention capabilities, the planned launches for Managed Endpoint Defense powered by Carbon BlackTM and our enhanced version of esRECON. And most importantly, excited to help our customers take a risk-based approach to improving their cybersecurity maturity.

Sean Blenkhorn

Sean Blenkhorn

Chief Experience Officer

As a seasoned security leader, Sean Blenkhorn has spent much of his nearly 20-year career consulting with leading global (FORTUNE 50, 100, 500 and 1000) companies around security and compliance solutions.