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Managed Risk Programs


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Take Control of Cyber Risk

Test, assess, and measure cyber resilience

Get ahead and stay ahead

eSentire Managed Risk advisory programs help you proactively identify gaps and opportunities to strengthen your security posture.

You gain visibility of potential blind spots as we assess the maturity of your cybersecurity program and its alignment to your business goals and compliance mandates. You will see your cyber risk immediately reduce as our expert team mitigates identified vulnerabilities and builds an optimal cybersecurity strategy based on your business’s individual profile and operational capabilities.

Enjoy peace of mind with continuous cybersecurity testing including employee security awareness training, plus have the confidence that our unique threat intelligence keeps you ahead of emerging cyber threats.

Wherever you are on your security journey - building from the ground up or working to test and harden defenses against the most advanced cyberattackers - eSentire Managed Risk programs will help you build a more responsive security operation today.

Managed Risk Programs

eSentire offers multiple Managed Risk Services, tailored to your business needs, and designed to help your organization proactively identify gaps and refine your security strategy. We recommend a regular cadence of security assessments and testing to continue to mature your program and harden your defenses.

Why eSentire

eSentire's programs for managing risk integrate and apply practical intelligence to ensure your organization is protected against the latest threats and compliance mandates derived from:

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