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eSentire Response and Remediation


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The World's Most Complete Threat Response Capability

To build a more responsive security operation, you need more than just alerts. You need a partner who goes further to prevent your business from ever being disrupted. When it comes to response, it’s how we do it that makes all the difference.

A graphic about the rapid response capabilities and 24/7 cyber threat protection across the entire attack surface that eSentire MDR provides.

As part of our Multi-Signal MDR service we ingest signal sources that drive data correlation, cyber threat analysis and kill switch response capabilities. When combined we deliver full attack surface visibility, deep investigation, threat detection, and complete response.

A table listing the best-of-breed technology partners and the signals eSentire MDR ingests to provide 24/7 threat detection, investigation and complete response. eSentire’s partners include SentinelOne, VMWare, CarbonBlack, Crowdstrike, Microsoft, AWS, GCP, Lacework, Sumo Logic, Tenable, ServiceNow, and SolarWinds.

Response + Remediation You Can Trust

eSentire MDR goes beyond alerting and host isolation to deliver complete and robust response. We delve deep into the incident response life cycle, eradicating threats, and remediating security incidents as part of our standard multi-signal MDR service.

In the event that digital forensics evidence, litigation testimony or crime scene reconstruction is required, our Cyber Investigations team can provide complete Digital Forensics and Incident Response support capable of bearing scrutiny in a court of law.

How to Spot MDR Fact vs Fiction

With hundreds of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service providers and every company saying the same thing when it comes to “Response”, you need to learn how to separate MDR fact from fiction to select the right MDR provider to secure your business.

A graphic comparing the capabilities of eSentire MDR (multi-signal visibility and complete response with 15-minute Mean Time to Contain) with other MDR providers.

Real MDR addresses five measurable components of your protection:

Not All MDR Is Created Equal

How supported do you want to be across the Response spectrum?

A graphic of a threat response spectrum demonstrating eSentire’s complete response, remediation, and Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) capabilities compared to other MSSP and MDR providers.

Included Response and Remediation Actions

A table comparing the benefits of eSentire MDR versus other MSSP/MDR providers.

Why XDR Matters

The Atlas XDR Cloud Platform makes eSentire MDR possible. Patented machine learning and proprietary threat content from our Threat Response Unit (TRU) eliminates noise, enabling real-time detection & response, and automatically blocking over 3M threats per day.

Our XDR platform is capable of answering questions like:

  • Which of these pieces of information are relevant?
  • Which of these events are related?
  • Which activities are obviously, clearly and demonstrably malicious?
  • When is it appropriate to initiate an automated response workflow?
  • What requires further analysis and human attention?
  • How many IT assets do I have, where are they, and how has that number changed over time?
  • Which of my assets might be the target of a cyberattack in the future?
  • How does my external risk compare to my industry peers?

When there are very high-confidence answers to all of these questions, eSentire threat response can be fully automated. This entirely removes human effort from the process.

In cases where there’s some ambiguity and human intuition is required, the platform gives our 24/7 SOC Analysts and Elite Threat Hunters in-depth information that makes their jobs easier. It also allows them to be more creative, have more confidence in their effectiveness, and stop more threats.

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