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eSentire MDR for Network


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Guard your network on-prem and in the cloud 24/7 with real-time network detection and response

With eSentire MDR for Network, we combine deep packet inspection with signature and behavioral analytics to rapidly identify and block known threats and suspicious activity and notify your security team of policy violations. Suspicious activity is investigated by 24/7 Elite Threat Hunters that confirm attacker presence and determine root cause. When a cyber threat is identified, our SOC Cyber Analysts and Elite Threat Hunters disrupt malicious traffic to minimize threat actor dwell time, then manage the remediation, acting as an extension of your team.

eSentire MDR for Network neutralizes attacks missed by traditional cybersecurity controls. Here are a few examples of network cyber threats we detect and respond to:

Proprietary Detection Technology

MDR for Network operates on a zero-trust approach that leverages proprietary technology and leaves threat actors nowhere to hide. It straddles your network security perimeter and ingests raw data inputs from the interior and exterior of your IT ecosystem. Then we correlate and aggregate all data into one chokepoint at the edge of your network to detect, block and respond to cyber threats 24/7.

Security Network Effects Powered by eSentire XDR Cloud Platform

Our open XDR Cloud Platform adds value by automatically blocking threats that have bypassed your security controls. Atlas automatically protects your assets against malicious IOCs and IPs known to eSentire, using a global IP blocklist that is updated in real time by our 24/7 SOC each time a new threat vector is identified on any monitored network.

There are 12,000+ indicators recognized across our eSentire XDR platform and we add 200+ on average every day.

A screenshot of eSentire XDR Cloud Platform dashboard showing disrupted connections in an organization’s environment.

eSentire vs Other Network Detection and Response Vendors

A table comparing the capabilities of eSentire MDR to detect, contain and remediate network threats with other MDR providers.

We Do More than Network Monitoring - And Multi-Signal Matters

Our multi-signal approach ingests endpoint, network, log, cloud, asset and vulnerability data that enables complete attack surface visibility. Automated blocking capabilities built into our eSentire XDR Cloud Platform prevent attackers from gaining an initial foothold while our expert Elite Threat Hunters can initiate manual containment at multiple levels of the attack surface. Through the use of host isolation, malicious network communication disruption, identity-based restriction and other measures, we can stop attackers at multiple vectors and minimize the risk of business disruption.

At eSentire we recognize that the attack surface is continuously evolving and expanding. While our MDR service protects your organization from modern attackers and the vectors they target most often, we are continuously analyzing and developing new services & detections to outpace the adversaries. In our twenty year + history, we pride ourselves on the fact that no eSentire client has experienced a business disrupting breach. With 2000+ customers across 80+ countries, we don’t just claim to deliver complete response. We prove it, and are proud to earn our global reputation as the Authority in Managed Detection and Response, each and every day.

A table containing details about which signals help drive 24/7 threat investigation and response, including Network, Endpoint, Log, and Cloud, and which signals drive context (e.g., Insider and Vulnerabilities) as part of the eSentire MDR service.

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