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Our Threat Response Unit (TRU) publishes security advisories, blogs, reports, industry publications and webinars based on its original research and the insights driven through proactive threat hunts.
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Nov 21, 2022
ProxyNotShell Exploit Released
THE THREAT eSentire is aware of public Proof-of-Concept (PoC) exploit code for the ProxyNotShell Exchange vulnerabilities (CVE-2022-41040 [CVSS:8.8], CVE-2022-41082 [CVSS:8.0]). The publication of…
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eSentire is The Authority in Managed Detection and Response Services, protecting the critical data and applications of 1500+ organizations in 80+ countries from known and unknown cyber threats. Founded in 2001, the company’s mission is to hunt, investigate and stop cyber threats before they become business disrupting events.
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Leadership Work at eSentire
Nov 07, 2022
Global Cybersecurity Leader eSentire Partners with InfoTrust to Deliver 24/7 Multi-Signal MDR and IR Services Across Australia
Waterloo, ON and Sydney, Australia – November 9, 2022 – eSentire, Inc., the Authority in Managed Detection and Response (MDR), today announced it has expanded its presence in Australia via a strategic partnership with InfoTrust. InfoTrust is a leading specialized cybersecurity provider that combines next-generation security controls, with the InfoTrust “Connective Tissue” of customer success,…
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We provide sophisticated cybersecurity solutions for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and Value-Added Resellers (VARs). Find out why you should partner with eSentire, the Authority in Managed Detection and Response, today.
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Data sheet / solution brief

eSentire MDR for Endpoint

Hunt and Isolate Endpoint Threats Fast, Before They Spread

Today’s endpoints are located across vast physical and digital environments, making traditional, point-solution endpoint approaches incomplete. eSentire’s comprehensive, multi-signal Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service provides advanced endpoint protection with 24/7 threat hunting, deep investigation and complete threat response. For the most elusive threats, our SOC Cyber Analysts and Elite Threat Hunters rapidly investigate and isolate compromised endpoints on your behalf, preventing lateral spread and business disruption. We work alongside you to determine root cause and corrective actions, ensuring you are protected and hardened against future business disruption.

eSentire MDR for Endpoint protects your assets 24/7 no matter where your users or data reside. We combine Elite Threat Hunting with endpoint threat prevention and endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities to eliminate blind spots, and detecting and stopping:

We go beyond standard MDR providers to provide complete endpoint response and remediation including:

Our Best of Breed Ecosystem of Technology Partners

Our best-of-breed MDR approach means we partner with leaders in endpoint protection (EPP) and endpoint detection and response (EDR).

Endpoint Threat Detection Engineering Driven By Industry Experts

eSentire MDR for Endpoint offers you the flexibility and choice of leveraging technology platforms from our best in class ecosystem of endpoint partners. We also go beyond other MDR providers by developing custom detection engineering based on our threat intelligence and proprietary Machine Learning (ML) applications that hunt and respond to endpoint threats.

eSentire’s Threat Response Unit (TRU) delivers counter-threat research and proprietary content to stay ahead of attackers targeting endpoints. TRU builds proprietary detectors for IOCs and TTPs, all mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. We publish original research and security advisories so you’re up to date on the latest cyber landscape and endpoint security risks.

Machine Learning Innovation: BlueSteel

eSentire feeds your endpoint telemetry through the BlueSteel engine. Advanced analytics and machine learning are then used to identify signs of malicious activity. We leverage BlueSteel to continuously enhance our endpoint detection capabilities and empower our Elite Threat Hunters to disrupt, contain and remediate endpoint threats.

BlueSteel in Action Against PowerShell

Following initial intrusion, many attackers pivot to PowerShell as a means to advance their objectives. PowerShell commands are easily obfuscated, meaning it’s easy for an attacker to hide malicious commands within script that otherwise appears normal. Using this technique, attackers can evade detection from endpoint protection technologies.

eSentire’s TRU team created a proprietary application called BlueSteel to solve this problem. BlueSteel analyzes all PowerShell commands from customer endpoints and classifies them as either malicious or benign. The BlueSteel technique is similar to SPAM classification, utilizing frequency analysis with terms and characters to differentiate between good and bad. The goal is to increase the accuracy of PowerShell threat detection beyond what endpoint protection provides using machine learning.

As PowerShell attacks continue to be leveraged by attackers, BlueSteel continues to learn and enhance its threat detection capabilities. Combining machine learning with elite threat hunting and applying it to eSentire’s MDR capabilities, our Security Operation Center(SOC) analysts are empowered to disrupt, contain and remediate threats like PowerShell everyday.

eSentire MDR for Endpoint vs. Other Managed Endpoint Providers

We Do More than Managed EDR - And Multi-Signal Matters

Our multi-signal approach ingests endpoint, network, log, cloud, asset and vulnerability data that enables complete attack surface visibility. Automated blocking capabilities built into our eSentire Atlas XDR Cloud Platform prevent attackers from gaining an initial foothold while our expert Elite Threat Hunters can initiate manual containment at multiple levels of the attack surface. Through the use of host isolation, malicious network communication disruption, identity-based restriction and other measures, we can stop attackers at multiple vectors and minimize the risk of business disruption.

At eSentire we recognize that the attack surface is continuously evolving and expanding. While our MDR service protects your organization from modern attackers and the vectors they target most often, we are continuously analyzing and developing new services & detections to outpace the adversaries. In our twenty year + history, we pride ourselves on the fact that no eSentire client has experienced a business disrupting breach. With 1500+ customers across 80+ countries, we don’t just claim to deliver complete response. We prove it, and are proud to earn our global reputation as the Authority in Managed Detection and Response, each and every day.

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