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24/7 Managed Detection and Response For Private Equity Firms


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Securing Private Equity Firms and their Portfolio Companies with Managed Detection and Response Services that Scale

Cloud adoption, business applications and remote users are expanding at an exponential rate as your firm continues to scale and invest in additional companies. It’s unrealistic for your security team to keep pace with your digital transformation requirements and the growing attack surface you’re faced with.

Some data points about the expanding attack surface, cyber threats, cyber attackers and lack of in-house security resources impacting organizations today.

Operating with increasing speed and precision, attackers are forcing all organizations to compliment preventative controls with advanced detection and response capabilities. eSentire’s Managed Detection and Response service has been specifically designed to rapidly identify and contain advanced threats.

Introducing eSentire

We are recognized globally as the Authority in Managed Detection and Response because we hunt, investigate and stop known and unknown cyber threats before they become business disrupting events. We were founded in 2001 to secure the environments of the world’s most targeted industry - financial services. Over the last two decades we have scaled our cybersecurity services offering to hunt and disrupt threats across every industry on a global scale. With two 24/7 Security Operations Centers, hundreds of cyber experts, and 1500+ customers, across 80+ countries, we have demonstrated the ability to Own the R in MDR with a Mean Time to Contain of 15 minutes. While many companies focus on detection, we recognize that there is no end to cyber risk. Preventative technologies will be bypassed and defenses will fail. That’s why eSentire prioritizes Response. Our MDR is really MDR³ - Response, Remediation and Results.

We proudly protect over 100 Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies. We would welcome the opportunity to outline how we can help defend your firm, and develop a custom security offering for your entire portfolio to subscribe to.

How eSentire Managed Detection and Response Can Help

With eSentire you should expect detection in seconds, and containment in minutes. Our difference drives your results.

Multi-Signal Ingestion - At eSentire, we believe a multi-signal approach is paramount to protecting your complete attack surface. Whether your environment is in the cloud, on-premises or somewhere in between we have the visibility to see what others MDR providers will miss. As part of eSentire MDR we normalize and correlate data to monitor your entire attack surface, enabling effective investigation and unparalleled response capabilities. Our multi-signal coverage includes network, endpoint, log, cloud, vulnerability scans and behavioral sources.

SOC as a Service with 24/7 Threat Hunting - Our global 24/7 SOCs are staffed with Elite Threat Hunters and experienced Cyber Analysts with CISSP and OSCP accreditations. Because the eSentire Atlas XDR Cloud Platform leverages automation, orchestration and machine learning to filter out high fidelity threats, our SOC teams can focus on responding to high priority security events. They drive human-led investigations to hunt and contain known and unknown threats. Our SOC as a Service is supported by eSentire’s industry renowned Threat Response Unit (TRU), delivering threat analysis, intelligence and tactical threat response.

Security That Scales with Atlas XDR Platform - Our scalable, distributed XDR Cloud Platform ingests and analyzes massive amounts of data from signals across our customer base. We offer reliability, redundancy and flexibility to scale with your growing data and business needs. Atlas XDR filters out high fidelity threats, recognizing malicious IOCs and IPs that can be automatically disrupted and contained. That way, our SOC and Elite Threat Hunters spend their time on higher priority security events. If an orchestrated response isn’t possible, Atlas XDR equips our cyber experts with the insights and tools they need to perform deep investigation and execute manual containment, when required, in minutes.

Proactive Security Network Effects - Atlas XDR leverages patented artificial intelligence and scalable machine learning to process all the threat signals across our global client base, making the eSentire proactive Security Network Effects possible. When Atlas XDR detects a threat it automatically responds, and pushes new detection and containment knowledge to every eSentire client. Plus, eSentire Atlas is always learning, and improving. There are 12,000+ indicators recognized across our eSentire Atlas XDR Platform and we add 400 on average every day to continue to harden your defenses. When you consider our growing network of Private Equity firms, that means you are benefiting from hundreds of industry specific investigations and threat hunts every day.

Unmatched Experience and Expertise - When you engage with us, you are part of Team eSentire from Day 1, which means you’re joining forces with experienced cybersecurity veterans, Elite Threat Hunters, and industry-renowned threat research experts. We help fill your cyber skills gap and act as a true extension of your team. We all have a role to play in keeping your business secure. Team eSentire includes:

How We Deliver

Our team doesn’t drown you in alerts, we go beyond other MDR providers to drive results. We support your cyber program with a combination of cutting-edge machine learning XDR technology, 24/7 Threat Hunting expertise and security operations leadership to mitigate your business risk, enable security at scale and drive your cyber program forward.

eSentire Atlas XDR Cloud Platform: The industry’s most advanced XDR Cloud Platform offers unmatched visibility, and employs patented machine learning to detect and respond to the most elusive threats in real time. Atlas cuts the noise to our SOC and your team by automatically disrupting 3M+ threats per day, stopping breaches before they disrupt your business. Our platform learns with each detection, correlating and amplifying data across our global customer base hundreds of times each day to deliver proactive security network effects that harden your defenses.

24/7 Security Expertise: Filtering suspicious activity requires human intuition. Our Security Operations Centers are staffed 24/7 with Cyber Analysts and Elite Threat Hunters who provide rapid investigation and response. Plus as part of Team eSentire you’re supported by a named Cyber Risk Advisor from Day 1.

Security Operations Leadership: Effective and efficient analysis, investigation, escalation and response refined over a two-decade history of delivering managed detection and response services to high value targets.

eSentire MDR Features Include:

  • 24/7 Always-on Monitoring
  • 24/7 Live SOC Cyber Analyst Support
  • 5 Machine Learning patents for threat detection and data transfer
  • Mean Time to Contain: 15 minutes
  • Machine Learning XDR Cloud Platform
  • Detailed escalations with analysis and security recommendations
  • Operational Reporting and Peer Coverage Comparisons
  • Multi-signal Coverage and Visibility
  • Automated Detections with Signatures,
    IOCs and IPs
  • Security Network Effects
  • 24/7 Threat Hunting
  • 24/7 Threat Disruption and Containment Support
  • Detection of unknown attacks using behavioral analytics
  • Rapid human-led investigations
  • Threat containment and remediation
  • eSentire Insight Portal access and real-time visualizations
  • Threat Advisories, Threat Research and Thought Leadership
  • Named Cyber Risk Advisor
  • Business Reviews and Strategic Continuous Improvement planning
  • Detections mapped to MITRE ATT&CK Framework

Why Multi-Signal Matters

eSentire MDR means multi-signal telemetry and complete response. We provide comprehensive visibility across your layered attack surface, delivering rapid correlation, deep investigations, and multiple points of contextual awareness & response. Our signal sources and coverage include:

Network - Block malicious IPs, brute force attacks, active intrusions and unauthorized scans

Endpoint - Host isolation to protect other assets from ransomware, trojans and more

Email - Social engineering and phishing investigation, control and retroactive deletion Identity - Stops compromised user and insider threats with cloud active directory response

Identity - Stops compromised user and insider threats with cloud active directory response

Log - Critical visibility and context from your existing security controls and network infrastructure

Cloud - Configuration escalations, policy & posture management across multi-cloud environments

Insider - Critical visibility and context from your existing security controls and network infrastructure

Managed Vulnerability Service - Configuration escalations, policy & posture management across multi-cloud environments

Customer Success

eSentire has a long track record of providing complete, continuous protection that benefits our customers. We have a 92 percent customer retention rate and are proud to confirm our Net Promoter Score of 73. We also track overall project and service satisfaction scores. Our most recent annual customer satisfaction scores demonstrate our commitment to service excellence and continuous improvement in everything we do. Highlights include:

Some data points demonstrating high levels of customer success and satisfaction in eSentire 24/7 multi-signal Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

We believe in transparency and expert level innovation in everything we do. As an eSentire customer you can expect:

Additional eSentire Security Services

In addition to Managed Detection and Response, eSentire offers comprehensive security services to support your firm and portfolio companies end-to-end as we stop breaches, simplify security and minimize your business risk.

Additional services include:

We can customize a package for your portfolio companies to create a baseline of security requirements that each acquisition should adhere to.

See eSentire in Action

A positive customer review about eSentire 24/7 multi-signal Managed Detection and Response (MDR) by a security leader in the Private Equity sector.

Why Private Equity Firms Choose eSentire

There is no end to Cyber Risk so go into battle with the best...

  • Recognized - The Authority in Managed Detection and Response
  • Simple - We absorb the complexity of cybersecurity so you can prioritize your operations
  • Scalable - Industry’s most powerful machine learning XDR Cloud Platform can ingest data at the pace and scale of your business
  • Precise - We’re on the cutting-edge of attacker Tactics, Techniques and Procedures mitigating your risk of being breached
  • Fast - Extreme time to value as you will be fully operational within weeks
  • Responsive - We own the R in MDR to provide extensive response capabilities and threat hunting around the clock
  • Cost-Effective - 24/7 threat protection, detection and response at a fraction of the cost of DIY security programs
  • Complete - Multi Signal Coverage and comprehensive security services support
  • Team - Cyber Risk Advisor + SOC Cyber Analyst and Elite Threat Hunters on guard for your business 24/7
  • Results - Your firm and portfolio companies can expect:
    • ~50% reduction in threat detection and response total cost of ownership (TCO)
    • +50% additional coverage on top of commodity threat intelligence, leveraging proprietary technology and our Private Equity network of customers
    • 99% reduction in threat detection and containment times from global averages
Some awards, review highlights and certifications won by eSentire’s complete, multi-signal Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service
Some statistics about eSentire’s threat hunting and threat intelligence capabilities.

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3Nuix Black Report
4451 Research

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