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Aug 03, 2022
CVE-2022-31656 – Critical VMware Vulnerability
THE THREAT On August 2nd, 2022, VMware disclosed a new critical vulnerability impacting multiple VMware products. The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2022-31656 (CVSS: 9.8) is an authentication…
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Aug 11, 2022
eSentire Researchers Unmask the Top Malware Supplier to Russia’s Most Notorious Financial Crime Families: Fin6 and Cobalt Group
Waterloo, ON, and Las Vegas, NV, August 11, 2022 — eSentire, the Authority in Managed Detection and Response (MDR), released a report today, unmasking the threat actor behind the Golden Chickens malware, the weapon of choice for Russia’s most infamous financial cybercrime families— FIN6 and Cobalt Group. Joe Stewart and Keegan Keplinger, security researchers with eSentire‘s Threat Response Unit…
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Security advisories — Jun 03, 2022

UPDATE: CVE-2022-26134 – Confluence Zero-Day Vulnerability

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June 3rd Update: Atlassian has released security patches to address this vulnerability.

On June 2nd, 2022, Atlassian disclosed a critical vulnerability impacting the Confluence collaboration tool, tracked as CVE-2022-26134; active exploitation of the vulnerability has been confirmed. CVE-2022-26134 is an unauthenticated Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability that impacts all supported versions of Confluence Server and Data Center. Exploitation of this vulnerability would allow an unauthenticated and remote actor to execute code on vulnerable devices, potentially leading to the deployment of malware or the exfiltration of sensitive data.

Organizations are strongly recommended to apply the relevant security patches released by Atlassian on June 3rd, as exploitation is ongoing.

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Additional information

Technical details relating to CVE-2022-26134 are currently limited. While not yet confirmed, it is likely that all versions of Confluence Server and Data Center are impacted, including out of support versions. The vulnerability does not impact Confluence Cloud.

CVE-2022-26134 was initially discovered by Volexity. According to the company, attacks exploiting the vulnerability were first identified on the Memorial Day weekend (May 28th-30th). Attacks observed by Volexity resulted in the deployment of the open-source webshell BEHINDER, a file upload webshell, and the China Chopper webshell. According to Volexity, multiple threat actor groups are believed to be exploiting the vulnerability in real-world attacks.


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[3] https://www.volexity.com/blog/2022/06/02/zero-day-exploitation-of-atlassian-confluence/

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