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Security advisories — Feb 26, 2019

Spear Phishing – SEC Campaign

1 minute read
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The Threat

The eSentire Security Operations Center has observed a spear phishing campaign targeting customers in the financial industry. The email claims to originate from the Securities and Exchange Commission and arrives bundled with a malicious Microsoft Word Document. The document uses the Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) protocol to execute malicious PowerShell code which downloads and executes DNSMessenger malware. If successful, this attack allows the threat actor to interact with the victim’s system.

What you should do about it

Additional Information

Email Indicators

Subject: EDGAR Filings

From: [email protected] (spoofed)

Filings and Forms rules


The SEC's Office is issuing this EDGAR Alert to inform EDGAR members about changes in EDGAR Filings.


When opened, it presents the user with the following message:

[image src="/assets/32bc1ece0c/Spear-Phishing-SEC-Campaign.png" id="1227" width="495" height="132" class="center ss-htmleditorfield-file image" title="Spear Phishing SEC Campaign" alt="Spear Phishing SEC Campaign"]

Clicking Yes on the pop up will initiate the download of DNSMessenger malware.

Clicking Yes on the pop up will initiate the download of DNSMessenger malware.

For additional information, please visit:


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