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Leaks & Lessons - Conti's Communications Exposed

About the Episode

Ask someone to tell you what they think a cybercriminal looks like, and there’s a good chance they’ll describe a solitary figure working in a dark basement, wearing a hoodie and Guy Fawkes mask illuminated by nothing but the glow of a screen.

And yet, this image bears little resemblance to the real perpetrators of cybercrime: sophisticated organizations that have more in common with the enterprises they target than with the pop-culture iconography.

Thanks to recent leaks that reveal in stunning detail how the Conti cybercrime gang operates, this truth—long known to the cybersecurity community, but often ignored or dismissed by those outside it—is undeniable.

What do these leaks teach us about Conti, modern cybercrime, and how to secure our organizations?

Listen to the newest episode of the Managing Cyber Risk podcast with Mark Sangster and Steve Morgan to find out.


Mark Sangster, Cybersecurity Author and Expert


Steve Morgan, Founder,

Cybersecurity Ventures

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