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Dark Web Monitoring Case Study: Providing Immediate Value for eSentire


Your business must stay ahead of cyber threats to safeguard your employees’ user credentials, secure your applications, and protect your brand’s reputation.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest cyber risks impacting every business is the use of shadow IT by its employees. Shadow IT refers to applications utilized by different departments without IT supervision, oftentimes posing risks due to their detachment from essential security protocols, such as single sign-on (SSO) or multifactor authentication (MFA).

In this video, Greg Crowley, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at eSentire, shares a recent incident where our Dark Web Monitoring services detected an employee’s user credentials leaked on the Dark Web. Throughout the investigation, we learned that although the software application used was integrated into our single sign-on (SSO) system, it was not enforced. Consequently, local accounts remained accessible within the application, creating a backdoor for potential attacks.

Watch the full video to learn why Dark Web Monitoring services are a crucial element for mitigating cyber threats and protecting your employees, executive leadership teams, and your company’s reputation.

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