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Test your prevention, detection and response capabilities

Understand the right tactical and strategic security assessments for your defenses.

Challenges in addressing your cybersecurity posture

Attackers evolve

An average of 80% of successful data breaches are new, unknown or zero-day cyber attacks1

Risk constantly changes

Antivirus products missed approximately 60% of cyber attacks1

Security is a lifecycle

Time to identify and contain and attack increased year-over-year2

Defenses have to adapt

Cloud misconfigurations and compromised credentials were the most frequent cyber attack vector in 20202

1 Ponemon, State of Endpoint Security, 2020
2 Ponemon, Cost of a Data Breach Report, 2020

How does Technical Testing solve these cybersecurity challenges?

Challenge your cybersecurity defenses

Put your capabilities to the test and understand the gaps in your cybersecurity approach

Leverage state of the art cyber attack techniques

Access to hundreds of threat intelligence sources ensures you are tested against today’s tactics, techniques and procedures

Determine broad and focused areas of risk

Tactical and strategic assessments identify gaps at the organizational and process level

Leverage experts to close the gaps

Prioritization, evidence and remediation guidance to ensure continuous improvements preventing future exploitation

How does prevention, detection and response work?

How does Technical Testing protect you?

Establish a security baseline

Identify areas of risk

Prioritize remediation

Validate hardening programs

Satisfy compliance needs

Technical Testing Services: Prevention, Detection and Response

External Vulnerability Assessment

Internal Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration Testing

Phishing Campaigns

Wireless Penetration Testing

Web Application Testing

Mobile Penetration Testing

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