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eSentire Wins PAM Award For Best Firmwide Security Solution Operating Within Private Wealth Community

BY Eldon Sprickerhoff

February 12, 2020 | 2 MINS READ

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Earlier this week, at the annual Private Asset Management (PAM) award show, eSentire was voted the best firmwide security solution operating within the private wealth community. We are delighted to be recognized by this community that represents a broad range of experts working within the private wealth space and especially proud to be granted an award that reinforces our leading security expertise to the buy-side.

The damage after a breach can go well beyond financial loss

Some of our longest-standing customer relationships are within the financial services industry and this award reconfirms that we continue to evolve and provide the security solutions needed to protect this industry that is a prime target for cyberattacks by organized criminals and nation states. Over our 18 year tenure, we’ve stopped hundreds of smaller attacks, and even milestone campaigns, like the detection and containment of FIN4, a coordinated assault against asset management firms. Whether it’s customer data or trading strategies and investor information, firms within this space hold a wealth of digital assets that can be monetized in the dark markets. As well, the damage after a breach can go well beyond financial loss, with regulatory penalties and irreversible reputational damage, a risk of highest concern. Through the adoption of digital transformation and omni-connected devices and grids, these firms are producing increased levels of geographically dispersed data with the result being more vulnerable to targeted attacks. At the same time, the tools used by malicious actors are growing in sophistication and as is the volume of online attacks. Together, these factors emphasize the requirement for financial firms to continually modernize their cybersecurity solution to meet the demands of today’s threat landscape.

There is no “one size fits all” solution

At eSentire, we work with firms of all sizes – protecting in total trillions in assets under management (AuM) giving our teams a unique perspective on how to protect these firms from the attacks and risks they face. As cyberattacks proliferate to organizations big and small, there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to protecting these firms and goes beyond a simple alert system when a threat is detected. Through consultative discussions, our teams meet with individual firms to strategically assess each firms’ individual situation, identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities, and then developing targeted plans and services to meet the specific needs of that organization.

For eSentire, our tools and expertise, as well as our unique lens and visibility into financial firms of all sizes have placed us as a leading vendor in the finance industry, and the recognition that comes with this PAM award is especially rewarding.

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Eldon Sprickerhoff
Eldon Sprickerhoff Founder and Advisor

Eldon Sprickerhoff is the original pioneer and inventor of what is now referred to as Managed Detection and Response (MDR). In founding eSentire, he responded to the incipient yet rapidly growing demand for a more proactive approach to preventing and investigating information security breaches. Now with over 20 years of tactical experience, Eldon is acknowledged as a subject matter expert in information security analysis. Eldon holds a Bachelor of Mathematics, Computer Science degree from the University of Waterloo.

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