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Cybersecurity as a collective issue: Bringing UK industry together

BY Alex Jinivizian

May 29, 2019 | 4 MINS READ

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1. ‘First things first. Get the champagne.’ Winston Churchill, 1931, New York.

Recently, eSentire and our partner, Sumo Logic, hosted a group of influencers and IT decision-makers at the Churchill War Rooms in London to talk about all things cybersecurity. This was an opportunity to listen to a keynote speaker, hear about evolving cyber trends and research, and participate in an interactive customer panel session on major themes affecting the industry. The event, held at an iconic venue, was attended by more than 50 participants from industries including financial services, media and publishing, travel, advisory services, and health research.

2. “Craft is common both to skill and deceit” – Winston Churchill, 1947, London

Mike StJohn-Green, an independent cybersecurity consultant who spent 39 years in government, delivered the keynote, focusing on the evolving nature of threats influenced by dramatic changes in technology and techniques attackers are using to exploit that technology. The idea of the security perimeter no longer holds water. As Mike commented, “we used to think we could create perfect static defences. Some still think we can”. He drew parallels between the modern requirement of cyberdefence and human health – we have to detect anomalous activity and invoke the immune-response system faster than the adversary can respond, in order to out-manoeuvre the adversary. He laid out the following recommendations for the industry at large.

3. “…it is better to be both right and consistent. But if you have to choose—you must choose to be right.” – Winston Churchill, 1952, London

Mark Sangster, eSentire’s VP and Industry Security Strategist, shared insights from the latest research on security evolution and maturity amid emerging technology adoption and evolving business needs (FutureWatch Report), the recent UK Threat Intelligence Spotlightbased on anonymised eSentire customer data, and primary research on Third Party and Supply Chain Risk. The empirical data complemented the anecdotal point of view expressed in the keynote, notably:

eSentire was very honoured to have two customers (financial services and advisory services) join us on our panel to discuss a range of industry topics and questions from the audience. Some specific insights from the discussion I moderated are noted below:

Collaboration between industry leaders from both the public and private sector is critical to addressing the problem of cyber threats and attacks and at eSentire, we support the efforts of the NCSC to help drive this. Events like this one provide a safe environment for these necessary discussions from which new solutions will grow and arise. We’re thankful to the individuals and businesses who participated, as well as our partner, Sumo Logic.

Alex Jinivizian
Alex Jinivizian Vice President, Strategy and International Marketing

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