Cloud, Hybrid, or On-Premises

Gain critical threat visibility that evolves regardless of your environment. Remove potentially dangerous blind spots.

ransomware one of the greatest cybersecurity threats

Detect. Hunt. Prioritize.

Identify the most elusive of threats. Focus on those that matter most.

ransomware one of the greatest cybersecurity threats

Validate. Accelerate. Remediate.

Minimize threat actor dwell time with rapid response to prevent business disruption.

ransomware one of the greatest cybersecurity threats

Compliance. Reporting. Simplification.

Realize the traditional reporting and compliance benefits of a SIEM while reducing complexity and cost.

ransomware one of the greatest cybersecurity threats

The Answer to Evolving Threats

Introducing eSentire esLOG+. eSentire esLOG+ combines critical visibility with threat hunting to enable rapid response. esLOG+ evolves with your threat landscape and the modern hybrid IT environment, while minimizing operational complexity. Advanced analytics are leveraged to detect threats, while our Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts prioritize threats and correlate data. No blind spots. Rapid containment and response.

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Cross-Platform Monitoring and Visibility

esLOG+ collects, aggregates and monitors data across on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Apache, and the Google Cloud Platform. That provides our 24x7x365 Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts with critical spectrum visibility to threats across your threat landscape.

Embedded Threat Hunting and Forensic Investigation

esLOG+ includes embedded threat hunting and forensic investigation of aggregated log data. That accelerates precision and speed, facilitating rapid response and threat containment.

Big Data Analytics

esLOG+ leverages the power of big data and advanced analytics to end-user behavior to detect anomalies (deviations from the established baseline) and to flag exceptions to identify real and potential threats.

Machine Learning Integration

esLOG+ utilizes machine learning and predictive analytics to make sense of expected and unexpected behavior across your environment with pattern, anomaly and outlier detection.

Real-time Search and Visualizations

esLOG+ has preconfigured and customizable searches and dashboards with KPIs. That gives our SOC analysts - and your security team - visibility into abnormal behaviors, illuminating the most vital intelligence.

Log Retention

esLOG+ retains all raw log data giving our SOC analysts the ability to correlate information with data from esENDPOINT and esNETWORK to conduct thorough forensic investigations, drill down into details and assist with root cause analysis on any security incident.

False Positive Elimination

esLOG+ increases the velocity and accuracy of threat detection. That allows our SOC analysts to distinguish noise from true security events - ensuring your team is only alerted to verified threats.


esLOG+ provides a co-managed model with user access. You can run your own advanced search queries, generate alerts, manage profiles, run reports, and investigate events alongside our SOC Analysts.

Time to Value

esLOG+ is a pure SaaS offering with simple-to-deploy collectors with rich filtering capabilities. It can be up and running within minutes, giving you access to all the latest capabilities without the need for time-consuming, expensive deployment and upgrades.

Simplified Compliance Management Reporting

esLOG+ ensures compliance mandates are met with centralized logging, continuous monitoring, and automated retention policies. You have access to various out of the box and custom security reports that meet regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, PCI, SEC, GDPR, and more.

eSentire in partnership with SumoLogic

Next generation cloud-native SIEM technology and eSentire’s Managed Detection and Response platform delivers unparalleled threat insight for the modern hybrid IT environment.

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