Dynamic Network Protection Across Any Device, OS, or Geography

Blocks Malware, Botnets and Ads Using Powerful Threat Intel.

DNS Firewall leverages Cymon.io, the world's largest open threat intelligence aggregator, to deliver powerful protection for any device connected to your network. Over 20,000 malicious IPs and domains are added daily and applied in real-time to ensure optimized protection against today's malware, botnets and more. Fully delivered through the cloud, DNS Firewall dramatically improves your cybersecurity prevention stance.

Do you know what cyber threats can be stopped by an effective cloud-based firewall alone?

It's not just elaborate insider threats that threaten mid-sized organizations - an employee clicking the wrong link or visiting the wrong website is all it can take to leave the door wide open for an opportunistic hacker or zero-day threat.

Learn more about the threat vectors impacting small and midsize enterprise in the 2016 Cyber Threat Study by eSentire

Protection Far Beyond Your Perimeter.

DNS resolution is a building block of the internet and all connected devices rely upon it to direct requests for end users. Operating at the network layer, DNS Firewall protects at a fundamental level across any device or operating system and dynamically adapts to changes in your network including the addition of new tablets, smartphones, servers or any other devices. DNS Firewall extends far beyond your firewall protecting every office, regardless of geographic location, by pre-emptively blocking connections to millions of known malicious domains, further upstream.

Firewall Protection For Every Device in Your Organization

Dynamically scales to your changing network, and custom domain whitelists with robust threat intel offer protection across your entire organization, regardless of device, location or operating system.


With no software or hardware to manage or install, DNS Firewall can be set up in minutes to instantly protect any connected device on your network.

Catch Malware Before It Reaches Your Perimeter

Integrating with your existing network security, DNS Firewall preemptively blocks millions of malicious domains before they even reach your network.

Fully Managed and Monitored Security

DNS Firewall is fully monitored by our 24x7 Security operations Center and delivered as part of our award-winning Managed Detection and Response service.

Leveraging Powerful Threat Intel

Powered by Cymon, DNS Firewall collects from 180+ threat feeds, blacklists 20,000+ bad or malicious IPs and domains daily, and utilizes 33,000,000+ recorded security events to offer your network complete protection.

Fully Integrates With Your Business Process

Real-time updates and easy-to-use dashboards take away the headache of network security.

Simple. Dynamic. Scalable.

DNS activity and blocked requests are presented clearly with a birds-eye view of your network traffic. It dynamically scales from tens of devices to tens-of-thousands, and is delivered as a fully-managed component of eSentire's award-winning Managed Detection and Response™ service. It's not just another isolated piece of security technology. It includes all the human touch and forensic intelligence you've come to expect from eSentire. And because it's delivered through the cloud, set up takes minutes, and is as simple as pointing your DNS to our name servers.

Protection for any connected device is as simple as pointing to our secure DNS Firewall name servers.

Stop the threats traditional technology can't see.

Powered by the largest open source threat intelligence tracker of malware, phishing, botnets, spam, and more.

Knowledge is power, and Cymon's vast records of malicious threats and IPs provides a comprehensive and regularly updated list of known threats for DNS Firewall to guard against.

Cymon Says: How Threat Intelligence Aggregator Cymon.io Enhances Threat Visibility

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