Our Approach

At eSentire, our cybersecurity vulnerability assessments scan your entire infrastructure – servers, databases, endpoints and web applications – to discover security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cyber-attackers.

Leveraging intelligence from our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) platform, we identify exploits used to bypass traditional security controls and prioritize mitigation procedures that other vendors cannot.

Customized Analytics and Reporting

To ensure you won’t be overwhelmed navigating through the vast amount of information coming from the scan, our certified technical testers act as an extension of your team, analyzing the results and meeting with your team to discuss the findings in order to prioritize risk, and the subsequent remediation steps, based on your environment.

What Capabilities are We Testing


What does a Vulnerability Assessment Help You Answer?

What points of entry are we vulnerable to?

Are we vulnerable to a new or existing threat?

Where should we concentrate our patching efforts to reduce risk?

Are we patching/hardening effectively?



Establish Rules of Engagement

  • Goals and objectives
  • Scope and validation of targets
  • Timelines
  • Reporting requirements
  • Personnel, roles and responsibilities

Remote Testing Appliance Configured and Deployed

(If Needed)



  1. Scope Validation
    • Validate target list provided as a safety measure for accuracy.
  2. Network Discovery
    • Validate targets in the discovery IP address range listed in the scope.
  3. Enumeration and Mapping
    • Identify services running, applications, versions, etc.
    • Vulnerability mapping
    •  Probe and response testing
  4. Automated Scanning
  5. Manual Verification
    • Confirmation that vulnerabilities are accurate

Draft and Final Report

Program Deliverables

Executive Summary Report

Targeted toward a non-technical audience so they are apprised of risks and mitigation strategies as a result of the engagement, including recommendations to remedy issues or reduce risk.

Detailed Technical Report

Targeted toward technical staff and provides detailed findings and recommendations, including methodology employed, risk ratings and remediation steps.

Make the Case for an eSentire Vulnerability Assessment

Learn about eSentire’s unique approach to vulnerability management.

  • Coverage for over 80,000+ vulnerability checks including web applications, databases, Unix, Windows and Mac
  • Leverages best-in-class scanning tools combined with intelligence from our MDR platform that identifies vulnerabilities used to bypass traditional security controls
  • Continuous and clear communication and stablishment of goals 
  • Scan and analysis conducted via experienced and certified professionals (CEH, OSCP, CISSP, etc.)
  • Clear reporting with risk prioritization and detailed findings 
  • Detailed discussion with eSentire Advisory Services team members on findings and remediation

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