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Our testing experts leverage decades of experience, threat intelligence from over 200+ sources and evasive measures seen in our Managed Detection and Response engagements, that result from hunting and identifying threats that other technologies miss.

Whether testing prevention, detection or response capabilities for your applications, networks, employees or security team, our portfolio of tactical and strategic assessments ensures you can identify areas of greatest risk, both broadly and focused, and determine how to strengthen your security posture against the latest cyber threats.

Vulnerability Management Services

Vulnerability Assessment

A point-in-time exercise utilizing a scanning tool that deliberately probes a network or system to discover its weaknesses.

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Penetration Testing

Simulates the actions of an external and/or internal attacker to identify systematic weaknesses with areas of remediation ranked by criticality.

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Simulated phishing attacks based on custom themes to help you identify the measurable cyber risk presented by your employees.

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Wireless Penetration Test

Tests if an unauthorized user is able to sniff or connect to wireless access points and retrieve information.

Web Application Penetration Test

Tests security of software/libraries on which the application runs, identifying vulnerabilities such as injections, broken authentication, broken authorization and improper error handling.

Red Team

Combines various techniques to evade detection and prevention capabilities, including OSINT, phishing, wireless and covert physical and network attack tactics, techniques and procedures.

Program deliverables

Executive Summary Report

Targeted toward a non-technical audience so they are apprised of risks and mitigation strategies as a result of the engagement, including recommendations to remedy issues or reduce risk.

Detailed Technical Report

Targeted toward technical staff and provides detailed findings and recommendations, including methodology employed, risk ratings and remediation steps.

Make the case for Vulnerability Management

Learn about eSentire’s unique approach to vulnerability management:

  • Applies tactics and techniques used to bypass traditional security controls as seen through the eSentire Managed Detection and Response platform 
  • Leverages latest threat intelligence from over 200+ sources 
  • Continuous communication and establishment of goals
  • Testing conducted via experienced and certified professionals (e.g. CEH, OSCP, CISDP, etc.)
  • Clear reporting with risk prioritization and detailed findings
  • Includes detailed discussion with eSentire Advisory Services team members on findings and remediation

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