Deploy and harden.

Rapidly deploy and optimize endpoint prevention with dedicated security experts that continuously refine and harden rules and policies that account for your unique threat landscape.

ransomware one of the greatest cybersecurity threats

Predict and prevent.

Block known, unknown, and file-less attacks leveraging predictive modeling with integrated threat intelligence and expert-driven continuous threat tuning.

ransomware one of the greatest cybersecurity threats

Respond swiftly.

Reduce mean time to response with attack chain visualization and integrated endpoint isolation capabilities that prevent lateral spread and business disruption.

ransomware one of the greatest cybersecurity threats

Traditional antivirus is not the cure.

Borderless attack surfaces demand modern defenses. Continuous adaptation and visibility is critical to ensure endpoint attacks do not disrupt your business.

Dive deeper into the benefits of eSentire Managed Endpoint Defense, powered by CB Defense:

Market-leading next-generation antivirus solution

Full visibility into what is happening at your endpoints, powered by CB Defense.

Rapid deployment

Dedicated eSentire experts work with you to speed deployment and tailor initial policies contextual to your unique security requirements.

Continuous adaptation and hardening

Ongoing, consultative tuning and refinement of policies that results in a continuous hardened state of endpoint defense.

Threat intelligence integration

Global threat intelligence integration with eSentire Managed Detection and Response that catches threats preventative technologies miss.

Automated blocking

Stops advanced and file-less attacks with automated blocking to prevent business disruption.

Integrated behavioral and cloud-based reputation

Identifies deceptive threats and stops suspicious behavior.

Attack prevention

Locks down and isolates compromised endpoints to prevent lateral spread.

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