A target too tempting to ignore

Healthcare organizations and their business associates possess some of the most valuable information exchanged on the black market. Cybercriminals are after social security numbers, patient records, financial information and intellectual property – and they’re not letting traditional security defenses stop them.

2nd most affected industry by data breaches in the first half of 2017

89% of healthcare organizations and 61% of their business associates have experienced a breach in the last 24 months

Averages more than one publicly disclosed data breach per day

It’s time for a cybersecurity check-up

The number of breaches reported by healthcare organizations increased from 16 in 2012 to 119 in 2017. In the eSentire Healthcare Industry Threat Report, eSentire Threat Intelligence looks at why the healthcare industry is a growing target and reveals some common exposures and attack methods.

Funding mostly allocated to protect patient’s physical safety

Reliance on web portals

Data sharing with 3rd parties for assessments, diagnosis and treatment

Data sharing with patients

Medical devices increase access points

Compliance penalties will only get tougher

Healthcare compliance measures are complex, but the penalties are not. While many organizations struggle with risk analysis, cybersecurity controls and third-party management mandates by HIPAA, the OCR continues to impose record-setting fines.

As breaches continue to evolve, the OCR has made it clear that much of their future focus will be enforcement through audits and breach investigation, including incidents under 500 or fewer individuals.

HIPAA Security Checklist

Do your cybersecurity measures meet HIPAA requirements?

Download the HIPAA Security Rule Checklist to ensure you have the right administrative, physical and technical safeguards in place.

Mitigate risk.
Meet compliance.
Protect patient data.

From mitigating vendor risk to preventing a ransomware infection from shutting down life-saving systems, we've seen it all.

At eSentire, we work with healthcare clients ranging from individual practices to major hospitals and their business associates to ensure they have systems, processes and controls in place to protect patients' physical and information safety.

eSentire Managed Detection and Response™ (MDR)
protects your network from cyber threats that other technologies miss.

Our 24x7 Security Operations Centers (SOC) are staffed by elite security analysts who hunt, investigate and respond to known and unknown threats in real time.

Beyond MDR, our dedicated Advisory Services experts will help you assess risks, address known gaps and build a comprehensive program that meets stringent regulatory requirements.

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