Cybercriminals go where the money is

The finance industry is a prime target for cyber-attacks. Whether it’s account data or trading and investor information, financial firms hold a wealth of information that can be quickly turned into monetary gain.

The average cost of a breach in the finance industry in 2017 was $18.3M

Banking malware attacks against finance increased 5X from 2016 to 2017

The finance industry has a 2.8% client churn rate after a breach

There’s more than money at risk

A cyber breach can cost a firm a lot more than financial assets, business disruptions or compromised confidential information. The reputational damage can negatively affect a firm’s performance long after the breach is resolved.

Compliance is more than checking a box

The finance industry has faced a growing and ever-changing list of compliance requirements in response to heightened cybersecurity risk. Regulatory agencies like SEC hold financial firms to routine questionnaires and security audits to validate a firm’s security posture and overall compliance.

With GDPR and NYCRR coming into play, regulators are no longer just checking to see if you have cybersecurity policies and procedures in place. They're looking for proof that you're doing everything in your power to uphold them.

Regulatory Security Preparatory Checklist

Are you prepared?

Download the Regulatory Security Preparatory Checklist to ensure you're prepared to present documentation, policies and procedures, and tangible evidence related to cybersecurity matters.

Mitigate risk.
Meet compliance.
Protect your wealth.

Year over year, we've been recognized as a leading vendor in the finance industry

We work with firms of all sizes in the financial industry – protecting trillions in assets under management (AuM). This gives us a unique perspective on the types of risks and attacks that financial organizations face and how to detect and mitigate them.

eSentire Managed Detection and Response™ (MDR)
protects your network from cyber threats that other technologies miss.

Our 24x7 Security Operations Centers (SOC) are staffed by elite security analysts who hunt, investigate and respond to known and unknown threats in real time.

Beyond MDR, our dedicated Advisory Services experts will help you assess risks, address known gaps and build a comprehensive program that meets stringent regulatory requirements.

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