Every organization has something to steal

No industry is immune to cyber-attacks. In fact, any organization that stores financial assets, customer data, business intelligence or intellectual property is a prime target for cybercriminals.

Organizations in the United States paid the highest price for lost business - $4.13 million

Phishing attempts are on the rise across all industries

Ransomware attacks doubled in frequency in 2017

What can you afford to lose?

The cost of a cyber breach extends beyond the initial attack. In many cases, the cost to recover from a breach can be much greater.

Loss of confidential or proprietary information

Financial losses

Reputational damage

Disruption of regular operations

Regulatory fines and other repercussions

Build vs. Buy

Larger enterprises typically have the resources and wherewithal to manage cybersecurity initiatives in-house, but small and mid-sized organizations are increasingly faced with the dilemma of scaling their existing IT operations to prioritize cybersecurity or looking to an external vendor to help them develop and execute a cybersecurity strategy.

HIPAA Security Checklist

Which SOC solution is right for you?

Many organizations are quickly devising plans to protect against inevitable threats that could jeopardize their business.

Download the Build vs. Buy eBook to see what’s involved in building your own security operations center (SOC).

Mitigate risk.
Exceed requirements.
Protect your network.

At eSentire, our core value is simple: a client’s network can never be compromised.

We work with clients of all sizes, across a many different industries. This gives us a broad perspective on the latest threat trends and regulatory requirements, so we can always stay one step ahead.

eSentire Managed Detection and Response™ (MDR)
protects your network from cyber threats that other technologies miss.

Our 24x7 Security Operations Centers (SOC) are staffed by elite security analysts who hunt, investigate and respond to known and unknown threats in real time.

Beyond MDR, our dedicated Advisory Services experts will help you assess risks, address known gaps and build a comprehensive program that meets stringent regulatory requirements.

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