Understand and align cybersecurity activities with business requirements.

From trade secrets to client information, you have an ethical and legal obligation to protect your firm's privileged data. Cyber attackers who struggle to breach the networks of your clients more commonly see their outside counsel as an easy target. And with stretched IT resources, automated defences, and valuable client data, it’s no wonder law firms and departments are an obvious and lucrative target. The eSentire ABA Cybersecurity Workbook considers the interrelationship between lawyer and client, and provides strategies to help defend against cyber threats with information to help you respond in the event of a security breach. 

With this workbook, you will:

  • Identify information assets and understand the importance of periodic risk assessments;
  • Develop and implement an appropriate security program that includes training and education;
  • Monitor and test security measures, making adjustments as security threats evolve;
  • Oversee third-party arrangements while exercising due diligence.