eSentire’s CTO, Mark McArdle, and BBC journalist and technologist Ben Hammersley will walk through their 2017 IT security predictions, how those predictions will directly impact small and mid-sized businesses and what steps you can take to protect your network from new and emerging threats. 

Here’s a sneak peek of the trends they’ll discuss:

  • DoS attacks: while these attacks usually don’t yield devastating effects, they can be disruptive, particularly when it comes to organizations reliant on web traffic. Becoming a DoS attack target isn’t fun, but neither is unknowingly participating in a DoS attack against another network. There are a number of measures businesses can take to help guard against both scenarios. 
  • Ransomware: this throwback attack technique skyrocketed last year to become one of the most used and highly effective cyber-attack tools. Ransomware’s popularity won’t wane in 2017. In fact, Mark and Ben agree that ransomware will evolve at a rapid and more sophisticated pace, morphing into somewhat of an internally-focused, disabling DoS-style attack, with potentially crippling results.
  • Cyber weaponry: with an increase in nation-state attacks, expect to see cybercriminals adopt and adapt similar weaponry for attacks targeting small and mid-sized enterprise.
  • Phishing-based attacks: phishing and business email compromise aren’t new, however these attacks will continue to plague businesses this year. Expect attackers to use more sophisticated veils and malicious attachments. Awareness is key – businesses who fail to invest in employee awareness training will find themselves at greater risk for phishing-based attacks.

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