Cyberattacks are increasingly targeting the healthcare industry.

Recent attacks on hospitals and healthcare facilities (like the rash of ransomware attacks targeting US-based facilities) illuminate emerging risks facing an industry typically understaffed and struggling with underfunded IT resources.  Healthcare facilities become increasingly popular for their sensitive client data and their light cybersecurity defenses. Statistically, 75% of all attacks against the healthcare sector have occurred in just the last 12 months, driven predominately by successful ransomware attacks. Noted cybersecurity expert has spent his career in cyber defense with the United States government. Download this webinar to listen as Bob provides insight into the drivers and risks associated with this year’s breed of healthcare-focused cyber attacks. 

Download this webinar to learn:

  • Gain insight into the motivations behind the attack vectors affecting the healthcare industry;
  • Learn cybersecurity best practices and apply actionable defense recommendations;
  • Evaluate lessons learned from direct engagements against cyber adversaries.

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