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Webinar | Aug 25, 2020

Threat Intelligence Spotlight: Hunting Elusive Malware

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Endpoint protection is more important today than ever before. Cybercriminals have leveraged the Covid-19 corporate disruption and continue to exploit user behavior to evade traditional defenses and access critical systems and data. Join experts from eSentire and VMware Carbon Black as they examine malware trends and evasion strategies as described in our latest threat intelligence spotlight report.

Key Insights

  • Unpacking sophisticated cyberattacks
  • Under the hood examination of malware infection and propagation
  • Deconstructing malware evasion strategies
  • Actionable recommendation to protect your business

For more on cybersecurity strategies, learn about the difference between real threat RESPONSE and legacy security approaches disguised as Managed Detection and Response (MDR) here.

Cybersec generic thumbnail 600x600 2