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The National Cyber Security Centre tackled more cybersecurity incidents in 2021 than ever before. According to their CEO, cybercriminal groups using ransomware attacks to extort organisations are the most immediate threat to UK businesses.

It's no wonder that 2021 is viewed as the year of ransomware attacks, especially with several high-profile incidents becoming mainstream news. It’s vital to understand how and why these cyber threat actors succeed so often, so organisations can work towards enhancing their cybersecurity defences to protect their business going forward.   

In this presentation, eSentire’s Alex Jinivizian, Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development, takes a closer look at what trends, tools, and techniques are enabling ransomware attackers to thrive and what practical steps your business can take to reduce cyber risk and bolster your cyber defences.   

Watch this presentation to learn more about:

  • The trends that are influencing the proliferation of ransomware attacks
  • Threat adversaries and their inventive tactics, techniques, and tools
  • Recommendations to enhance your cybersecurity strategy

Alex Jinivizian, Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development, eSentire

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