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Webinar | Nov 07, 2019

All Rise! An Examination of the Threats Facing the Legal Industry

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With access to sensitive business and personal data, law firms and lawyers are a prime target for threat actors. Drawing upon the anonymized security data from dozens of law firms, this session examines the types of unique attacks experienced by legal organizations and provides practical recommendations to help legal professionals make better decisions about their cybersecurity priorities.

Key insights from this webinar include:

  • Almost 20 percent of IT assets in law firms are susceptible to being exploited by a high or critical severity vulnerability
  • Top internal threats come from email or drive-by downloads, with unique lures that mimic Adobe Cloud services and American Express credit products that cater to high-net-worth individuals and frequent travelers
  • MalDocs remain dangerous by leveraging Microsoft macros to deliver malware that collects credentials, logs keyboard inputs and captures screenshots
  • 46 percent of legal organizations to experience a cybersecurity incident in the next year
Cybersecsdecoded all rise thumb