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Report | Dec 13, 2019

How Data Breaches Affect the Enterprise

DR Half

Despite increased business investments in cybersecurity, 2019 is on track to be the worst year ever for data breaches. A growing number of organizations are experiencing significant financial losses, brand damage and customer alienation issues as a result of the increased breach activity.

How do these breaches occur? How are businesses responding and what is the impact of these compromises on the business? This Dark Reading report, sponsored by eSentire, showed that end-user vulnerabilities, attack volumes and growing threat sophistication are leading to more breaches than ever. Organizations have deployed a wide range of tools and best practices for protecting networks and systems against attack. But a relentless adversary focus on end users is driving the need for a more people-focused approach to cybersecurity.

Download this report and get insights on how today's businesses assess the risks they faced in 2019 and the perceive risks going forward.

DR Half