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Webinar | Apr 05, 2019

2018 Threat Review: Highlights from eSentire’s 2018 Annual Threat Report

Highlights from esentires 2018 annual threat report

eSentire’s Annual Threat Report provides an expansive overview of the threat events investigated by the eSentire Security Operations Center (SOC) from 2,000+ proprietary network and host-based detection sensors distributed across the globe.

In this webinar, eSentire will discuss the key findings from its 2018 Annual Threat Report, highlight emerging threats expected to be seen in 2019, and provide recommendations on how organizations can prevent their networks from being compromised by common types of attacks.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • What industries were most targeted by threat actors in 2018
  • Why coin-mining malware experienced 1,500 percent increase over 2017
  • How new exploits for multiple Internet of Things (IoT) devices helped massive global botnets such as Mirai and Satori
Highlights from esentires 2018 annual threat report