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Webinar | Aug 15, 2019

Cybersecurity and the Partner: Roles, Requirements and Reporting

Cybersecurity and the Partner Webinar

Law firms must assure resilience against cyberattacks to protect their clients’ information and ensure that reasonable care is met to the highest standard.

Reasonable care is not about dealing with lawsuits. It’s about demonstrating to leaders, investors and regulators (or when making an insurance claim) that measures need to be put in place to reduce identified risks and that standards required by their business are met.

This webinar will cover:

  • What reasonable care is and why it is an integral part of a law firm’s cybersecurity strategy
  • The guidelines and standards that law firms can leverage when building out a cybersecurity program
  • How to prove reasonable standards of care to partners
  • Who is responsible for ensuring that reasonable care is met
Cybersecurity and the Partner Webinar