What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that enters a system or network and blocks the access of data until a sum of money is paid. Organizations that fall prey to ransomware attacks are faced with the difficult decision to pay or not pay, even though there is no guarantee that their files will be returned unscathed.

“If a ransomware attack like WannaCry had infected our firm, we would be out of business today.”

CTO at Hedge Fund Client

There’s no single antidote to ransomware. Preventative measures can be employed to reduce the threat surface and attack vectors, but a broad defense requires a triple methodology of Technology, Policy and Process.

This matrix will help you identify the actions you can take and mechanisms you can employ to defend your organization from attacks, including:

  • Human (training, testing, and incident response plans)
  • Upstream email provider and local email server
  • General services within IT and network-focused security components
  • Endpoint protection measures