Risk factors such as third-party access, limited IT and security resources and specific regulated guardrails for cybersecurity policies and procedures have a direct correlation of a company’s susceptibility to a cyber breach. While new vulnerabilities present new vectors to target, attack techniques remain fundamentally the same: discover, analyze, attack and exploit. Assuming attackers will continue to find a way through, the key to reducing risk is understanding how they target and execute their attacks.

Join eSentire Penetration Tester, Chuck Ben-Tzur and Cybersecurity Evangelist, Mark Sangster as they share their experience on the current cybersecurity posture and conducting penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities and risk. 

In this presentation, you will learn: 

  • Which industries are a prime target for cyber-attackers
  • The tools and fine-tuned attack vectors used by attackers
  • Common weaknesses and potential impacts
  • A real-life account of an attack on a law firm
  • Recommendations for strengthening your security posture

Chuck Ben-Tzur - Information Security Consultant, eSentire
Mark Sangster - Vice President, Industry Security Strategies, eSentire