The healthcare industry continues to be one of the most exploited industries. Risk factors such as third party access, high volume of staff-patient interaction and an investment imbalance when it comes to protecting a patient’s health vs. their personal information leaves healthcare organizations susceptible to attack. While new vulnerabilities present new vectors to exploit, attack techniques remain fundamentally the same: discover, analyze, attack and exploit. Assuming attackers will continue to find a way through, the key to reducing risk is understanding how they target and execute their attacks.

Join eSentire Penetration Tester, Chuck Ben-Tzur, as he shares his experience conducting penetration tests against healthcare organizations. 

Chuck will cover the following topics:

  • Why healthcare organizations are a prime target for cyber-attackers
  • The tools and fine-tuned attack vectors used by attackers
  • Common weaknesses and potential impacts
  • A real-life account of an attack on a healthcare organization
  • Recommendations for strengthening your security posture

About the Speaker

Chuck Ben-Tzur is an IT Security professional with more than 15 years of experience as a consultant and senior manager. He is currently an Information Security Consultant at eSentire and has been with the company since 2012. Chuck has helped leading Canadian and international organizations build their corporate security program, assess and implement effective security controls and maintain ongoing compliance. To keep his technical knowledge up to date, Chuck likes to “keep his hands dirty” by researching the security of new technologies and performing hands-on penetration testing, vulnerability assessments and threat risk analysis. Chuck has presented at many conferences and in front of professional groups including SecTor, EnrgizeIT, PMI (Project Management Institute), TASK (Toronto’s Security User Group), Federated Press and more.