With increased pressure from boards of directors, investors, and a growing number of regulatory agencies, organizations today need actionable governance frameworks that define pragmatic cybersecurity practices appropriate to their size, company culture, and risk surface. Organizations like the OCIE-SEC and ABA serve industries rooted in risk, and focus on today’s cybersecurity issues by providing the ‘what’ while delivering governance guidelines. But without the ‘how’, many firms are still unsure how to comply with regulators and defend their networks. 

With this kit, you will:

  • Understand how threat defenses work and why building a framework to address sophisticated threat vectors is essential to proactive cybersecurity management; 
  • Gain actionable guidance that you can apply within your organization to detail protection in place specific to operational aspects of Information Technology, including: confidentiality, availability, and integrity of corporate assets, systems, and data information within the firm;
  • Document your firm’s current security stance and develop a framework for new or modified security policies while satisfying regulatory asks and due diligence requirements.