As cyber threat vectors continue to evolve, so to do the adversaries behind the threats. Technology simply isn’t enough to match the complexity of today’s variety of attacks. Recognizing the increased risk and complexity of threats, many businesses are working to align with and adopt emerging industry methodologies designed  to combat today’s sophisticated cyber threats. One of the latest methodologies is a concept known as an ‘advanced adversary’ team, or a Hunt Team. A Hunt Team is a group of operational network defenders skilled in the latest attack techniques and how to defend against them. Understanding the concept behind the Hunt Team construct is indispensable, whether organizations are working to build a Hunt Team internally, or seeking to supplement cybersecurity programs through external support.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • The origins of the Hunt Team construct;
  • How the Hunt Team methodology can be applied within a business environment to defend against cyber-attacks;
  • Useful criteria for Hunt Team selection.