Palo Alto Networks

eSentire and Palo Alto Networks have partnered to deliver advanced threat protection, including active monitoring, detection, alerting and blocking of both known and unknown attacks. By combining the power of Palo Alto Network’s Next Generation Security Platform with eSentire’s Managed Detection and Response security service, organizations get advanced protection across one of their biggest threat blindspots – encrypted SSL.

Carbon Black

Carbon Black’s Cb Response is the market-leading incident response and threat hunting solution for endpoints. Its integration with eSentire Endpoint Managed Detection and Response (MDR) allows our service to continuously record and centralize all endpoint activity, providing our Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts with complete, real-time information needed to hunt anomalous behavior, identify root cause and isolate threats with precision.


Cisco Next Gen Firewall security solutions combined with eSentire’s Security Operations Center provides mid-sized businesses with access to proactive threat hunting, detection, response and mitigation. Working together, Cisco and eSentire provide increased capabilities to detect the most advanced attacks, 24x7.

Garland Technology

Garland Technology’s Aggregating Network TAPs hardware allows eSentire to capture and aggregate full duplex network traffic from copper and fiber sources, supporting eSentire’s advanced threat hunting capabilities. Leveraging Garland’s best-in-class product ensures that our security analysts have access to the richest possible data set.

Blue Coat

NSS Research estimates up to 35% of network traffic is encrypted and continues to grow. The challenge with this trend is that advanced persistent threats and malware hide in encrypted traffic and evade traditional security tools. Through partnership with eSentire, joint clients can not only have visibility into otherwise opaque network traffic, but gain the ability to alert and block malicious activity with eSentire’s Managed Detection and Response service.