"Clients should be wary of claims from traditional MSSPs on their ability to deliver MDR-like services.

Delivering these services requires technologies not traditionally in scope for MSS, such as endpoint threat detection/response, or network behavior analysis or forensic tools." - Gartner Managed Detection and Response Services Market Guide. May 2017

Watch as Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) go head to head in the video series below.

Video Thumbnail for Mmm... Pie Charts.

01. Mmm... Pie Charts.

Managed Detection and Response is more than pretty pie charts. It's deep forensic cybersecurity capabilities and 24x7 white-glove service from world-class analysts that clients can depend on.

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02. The Clone Wars

Being Managed Detection and Response requires more than just saying it and changing your branding. It requires deep forensics capabilities that allow a SOC to investigate the early signs of an attack.

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03. Please Insert Another Coin

Managed Detection and Response is about more than just logs and alerts. We keep our clients safe by responding to threats on their behalf. It's what our clients pay us for.

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04. The Butterfly Catcher

Casting a net won't cut it - without deep forensic capabilities, clever technology and skilled security analysts, threat hunting is impossible.

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05. My, What a Big Funnel!

Logs alone can't determine whether an event is a real issue or a false positive. Cut through the noise to find the real threats hiding in your network.

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06. Schrodingers Threat

Unlike the other guys, we find, investigate and block the wierd anomalies that can lead to big breaches.

We call it micro-incident response. And we invented it.

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07. The Farce Awakens

Unlike the other guys, eSentire MDR is always increasing its detection and response capabilities into the network, cloud and endpoint.

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08. The Bean Counter

When it comes to cybersecurity, complicated pricing models are just wrong.
At eSentire we have just one flavor of our Managed Detection and Response service - and as we like to say, everyone flies first class.

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09. It's MDR Calling

With eSentire Managed Detection and Response, skilled security analysts detect strange activity as it happens, take action when it's a threat and alerts the client.

Can your security services provider do that?

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10. The Forensics Coin

False positives make finding real cyber-attacks hard.
Managed Detection and Response (MDR) cuts through the noise that everyone already knows about to find the real threats hiding in your network.

  esentire logo MDR MSSP
Detects known (signature-based) threats    
Detects unknown threats  
Analyzes log data    
Full network packet capture to “go back in time” for deep forensic investigation  
24x7 monitoring by a staffed security operations center    
Purpose-built technology for signal enrichment and event correlation to reduce false positives  
Goes beyond alerting and responds to threats as they happen  
Treats every alert from every customer as top priority, regardless of customer size  
SOC analysts easily accessible by phone  

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