Why eSentire®

“With Advanced Persistent Threats, it’s not about managing more layers, more security boxes. Managed cyber defense requires purpose-built, flexible, scalable, managed security technology fused with human security knowledge and expertise, providing surveillance on a 24X7 continuous basis. This necessary evolution is what defines MSSP 2.0, and eSentire is a company uniquely addressing the needs of their customers with this vision…”

–Richard Stiennon– Chief Research Analyst, IT-HARVEST LLC, and author of the industry leading book “Surviving Cyberwar”.


As a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), eSentire has independence and credibility that set it apart from its competitors. One crucial distinction stems from the fact that unlike many large companies whose primary business is systems integration, implementation, or hardware product sales, where security is addressed solely as a sideline capability, eSentire focuses exclusively on information security issues on a daily basis, and has done so for clients since 2001.

In order to consolidate multiple security functions in a single, leveraged platform, eSentire concluded that it must develop its’ own dedicated security service device technologies. These security technologies must then be further integrated into a powerful multi-customer security event and information management framework forming the baseline security technology capability set.

Beyond this baseline capability set however, what really makes our MSSP architecture truly effective is how that baseline technology is then combined with human security analysts. The analysts overlay critical security-context knowledge and processes to make the technology effective and adaptable to both specific customer situations and the ever-changing threat landscape. The human layer produces a “contextual knowledge and adaptation” layer that supersedes any competitive prevention-only product (ie. hardware / software). Furthermore, this combined dedicated technology /adaptive human service layer concept is delivered at the 24×7 level of vigilance all enterprises require. This is the essence of MSSP 2.0.