Corporate Overview

Active Threat Protection

The New Approach to Cybersecurity

eSentire® is the leader in Active Threat Protection solutions and services, the most comprehensive way to defend enterprises from advanced and never-before-seen cyber threats. eSentire’s flagship offering, Network Interceptor, challenges legacy security approaches, combining behavior-based analytics, immediate mitigation and actionable intelligence on a 24x7x365 basis. The company’s dedicated team of security experts continuously monitors customer networks to detect and block cyber attacks in real-time. Protecting more than $2.0 trillion in combined assets, eSentire is the trusted choice for security decision-makers in financial services, healthcare, mining, energy, engineering and construction, legal services, and technology companies. In 2014, eSentire was named Best Security Service winner in HFM US’ Services Awards. In late 2013, eSentire was named to the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Companies to Watch and cited as a Canadian Innovation Exchange CIX Top 20 most innovative Canadian company. For more information visit and follow @esentire.

This re-invention of the managed security services concept has been coined “Active Threat Protection” by the well-known and respected security analyst Richard Stiennon.

What is Active Threat Protection?

Understanding the two major gaps in traditional cybersecurity is the first step toward understanding active threat protection.

First, traditional security technology protects against the past. It depends upon “signatures” of threats that have already occurred, and for which a defense has been developed.

But cyber criminals are hard at work, devising new ways to bypass security layers so they can steal your corporate data or otherwise interfere with your business. Too often they succeed. Your company is exposed to unnecessary risk if you rely primarily on outward-looking defenses programmed to identify yesterday’s threats.

Second, most security service providers only notify of a breach, leaving it up to you to remediate the situation. Most mid-market businesses do not have the requisite resources to handle advanced persistent threats, so their window of exposure remains open while the crisis deepens.

Active threat protection closes these gaps through a combination of technology and services. We detect threats before a signature exists for them, and when an incident occurs, our experts work with you until it is resolved, staying on the line until your systems are back to normal.

  • Active Analytics provide real time event data and behavior-based threat detection.
  • Active Correlation incorporates event data from many sources, extending the value of traditional security systems.
  • Active Forensics convert rich event data into actionable alerts and enable intelligent threat interpretation.
  • Active Intervention delivers rapid threat resolution by certified security experts.