Corporate Overview

Active Threat Protection

The New Approach to Cyber Security

eSentire is the leading innovator in Active Threat Protection, the most comprehensive way to defend enterprises from cyber threats. Our flagship solution, Network Interceptor, closes the gaps left by traditional cyber security systems, maximizing protection and minimizing our clients’ exposure to attack.

We are the go-to cyber security solution for businesses operating in industries that are highly targeted by cyber criminals. For instance, we protect 150 asset management funds with over $1.3 trillion in assets. Clients choose us because they need active protection:

  • We find threats other security systems miss, including threats that eluded existing defenses and became invisibly ensconced inside the network.
  • We detect threats sooner and contain them faster.
  • We prevent attacks through Asset Manager Protect (AMP).
  • We take active responsibility to resolve incidents, not just notify you about them.

This re-invention of the managed security services concept has been coined “Active Threat Protection” by the well-known and respected security analyst Richard Stiennon.

What is Active Threat Protection?

Understanding the two major gaps in traditional cyber security is the first step toward understanding active threat protection.

First, traditional security technology protects against the past. It depends upon “signatures” of threats that have already occurred, and for which a defense has been developed.

But cyber criminals are hard at work, devising new ways to bypass security layers so they can steal your corporate data or otherwise interfere with your business. Too often they succeed. Your company is exposed to unnecessary risk if you rely primarily on outward-looking defenses programmed to identify yesterday’s threats.

Second, most security service providers only notify of a breach, leaving it up to you to remediate the situation. Most mid-market businesses do not have the requisite resources to handle advanced persistent threats, so their window of exposure remains open while the crisis deepens.

Active threat protection closes these gaps through a combination of technology and services. We detect threats before a signature exists for them, and when an incident occurs, our experts work with you until it is resolved, staying on the line until your systems are back to normal.

  • Active Analytics provide real time event data and behavior-based threat detection.
  • Active Correlation incorporates event data from many sources, extending the value of traditional security systems.
  • Active Forensics convert rich event data into actionable alerts and enable intelligent threat interpretation.
  • Active Intervention delivers rapid threat resolution by certified security experts.

About eSentire

Over the years eSentire has seen substantial growth and recognition for our leadership in the cyber security field. We have deep roots in network security research through our involvement with the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). We provide extensive technical expertise in conjunction with NSERC Collaborative Research and Development Grants (CRD) programs.

As businesses have recognized their need for active threat protection, the eSentire global customer base has grown dramatically. In addition, through our partner program, eSentire provides advanced managed security services to the customer base of our partners. In aggregate, eSentire secures over 150 asset management funds responsible for over $1.2 trillion of combined assets under management. Our clients also include financial institutions, healthcare facilities, engineering, construction, energy, resources and government. eSentire continues to expand globally with the recent addition of several new offices.

A substantial generator of sales growth for eSentire has always been produced through unsolicited customer referrals. The network of highly satisfied customers we have created is the ultimate testament to the quality and value of the managed security services eSentire provides.