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Multi-Tenant Sensor (MTS)

Your customers’ networks are complex.
Defending them shouldn’t be.

Designed for data center hosting and managed service providers, the eSentire Multi-Tenant Sensor (MTS) is MDR at the network level. Purpose-built for provider and customer functionality, the MTS reduces burdensome onboarding and management complexities without sacrificing customer protection.

eSentire Partners can:

Offer Real-time Network Detection and Response

Protect your customer networks 24x7 with unparalleled network visibility that identifies and responds to threats that traditional security products fail to detect

Accelerate Time to Value with Seamless Deployments

Eliminate time-consuming, onboarding steps to accelerate deployment and improve operational efficiencies

Ease Complexities and Achieve Economies of Scale

Reduce costs and complexity through a shared infrastructure model. Enable per-customer traffic segregation, billing, reporting and analytics

Improve Customer Retention and Experience

Increase customer satisfaction and retention with a seamless service that delivers uncompromised enterprise-grade protection

Unify and improve your customers' security posture through eSentire MTS, the first Managed Network Detection and Response (MDR) solution purpose-built for data centers

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  • Implement real-time network detection and response
  • Accelerate time to value with seamless deployment
  • Alleviate complexity and achieve economies of scale
  • Improve customer retention and overall experience

Enterprise-grade Functionality

Manage multiple customers under a shared sensor model without sacrificing user experience

Consolidated Footprint

Eliminate the need for individual customer hardware resulting in lower costs and rack space requirements

Centralized Data and Portal

Work efficiently with centralized monitoring and alerting across all customer environments

Ongoing Optimization

Facilitate a steady state of service delivery updates with guidance to operationalize changes

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