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Malicious Activity Assessment

Understand your risk, act on it.

Identify existing and potential threats in your environment to stop them from becoming business disrupting.

Challenges of network security


Million average total cost of a data breach in 2020


The United States of America had the highest cost of a data breach in 2020


of breaches contained confidential PII data


More than half of all breaches were caused by a malicious attack1

1 Ponemon, Cost of a data breach Report, 2020

How does Malicious Activity Assessment solve these challenges?

Monitor for continuous network visibility

Mitigate through tactical threat containment

Measure for forensic data and recommendations

How does it work?

How does Malicious Activity Assessment protect you?

Close security gaps

Identify threat actors

24x7x365 threat monitoring

Identify defensive weaknesses

Investigate malicious activity

Tactical threat disruption

What are your expected outcomes?

Minimize threat actor dwell time

Prevent data exfiltration

Prioritize risks with data

Comprehensive understanding of risk exposure

Weekly reviews to interpret the data

Malicious Activity Assessment Features


  • Full PCAP
  • URL History
  • IP Targeted Disruption
  • Data Loss Analysis
  • Packet Analyzer
  • Bandwidth Profiler
  • Country control
  • Executable Analysis and Blocking


  • Active Threat Hunting
  • Alerts
  • Event Management
  • Co-Managed Remediation


  • Weekly Review
  • Executive Summary

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