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Develop a Cybersecurity Strategy
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Leverage eSentire’s vCISO experts to help you build and maintain a cybersecurity roadmap.

Organizations lack cyber-resilience


Of organizations lack a cybersecurity incident response plan1


Unemployment rate for cybersecurity professionals2


Of organizations do not have a formal cybersecurity incident response plan applied across the organization3


Of organizations’ senior management recognize a strong cyber resilience posture impacts revenue in a positive way

1 Cyber resilient organization, ponemon, 2019
2 2019/2020 cybersecurity jobs report
3 Cyber resilient organization, ponemon, 2019

How does vCISO solve these challenges?


Complete 15-point security program assessment to understand current strategy and inform the future strategy

Build an action plan

Align your security strategy, business objectives and risk enabling efficient roadmap development

Set objectives and execute

Delivered by a named vCISO resource who becomes an extension of your team and builds the program contextual to your business

Demonstrate measurable success

Gain buy-in for comprehensive cybersecurity program development at the board level while meeting and exceeding compliance mandates

How Does it Work?

Why eSentire vCISO?


vCISO experts leverage intelligence and lessons learned from our MDR platform to proactively address attacks that bypass traditional security


vCISO experts are industry certified professionals with decades of experience from the C-level to technical implementing and controls


vCISO experts are dedicated specifically to your organization with a direct line of continuous communication and clearly established goals

What are your expected outcomes?

Alleviates resource constraints in your organization

Provides comprehensive security programs review and guidance

Build an enterprise-level information security program, policies and procedures

Align business objectives with your unique risk and exposure

Meet and exceed compliance requirements

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vCISO Summary

Virtual CISO (vCISO) contains a portfolio of modules that touch on each component of your cybersecurity posture, such as: policy guidance, incident response planning and security architecture reviews. These are all aligned to one singular strategy and measured across a multi-year engagement.

Security Program Maturity Assessment (SPMA)

In-depth appraisal of information security maturity against industry standards

Security Incident Response Planning (SIRP)

Focused, pragmatic strategy on key steps to take when an event occurs

Security Policy Review and Guidance (SPG)

Best practices for policies and procedures from NIST Cybersecurity Frameworks

Security Architecture Review (SAR)

Evaluation and audit of current technologies, security controls and system criteria

Vendor Risk Management Program (VRM)

Establish a process to track third-party and vendor risks to your business

Vulnerability Management Program (VMP)

Create and refine procedures to account for emerging vulnerabilities

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