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Blog | Apr 22, 2015

Notes from RSAC 2015: Escaping Security’s Dark Ages

Last year’s big breach stories have amplified the need to radically shift industry thinking. And as RSA President Amit Yoran described in his keynote today, we’ve arrived at a critical inflection point in our industry. There’s an admission and acceptance that while perimeter defenses are failing, it’s still a necessary weapon in our cybersecurity arsenal.

Organizations today are beginning to accept the reality that perimeter defenses are permeable. Adversaries are rapidly evolving to maneuver the walls that we’ve built to keep them out; they’re already in our networks.

Last year has regularly been referred to as the year of the mega breach and it’s widely expected that 2015 will supersede it, with monumental impact. As Amit described, several of the world’s largest corporations with the most powerful next gen security technology couldn’t stop a breach. So what does that mean for everyone else?

“We need pervasive and true visibility” – Amit Yoran

We couldn’t agree more. At eSentire, this fundamental assertion drives our entire business. Our human powered cybersecurity allows us to see behavioral anomalies that technology alone might miss. Our highly skilled analysts monitor client networks 24/7, identifying, mitigating and communicating threats in real-time, always.

Amit has suggested that organizations at any level need to drive their own destiny: that we’ve been relying on maps that haven’t charted the threat terrain we are navigating today. A resounding theme at this year's RSA conference exemplifies that it's officially time to adopt a progressive approach to cybersecurity; an approach that refuses to rely on technology alone. Because just as Amit suggested, if you're not doing deep packet inspection or endpoint detection, than you're just pretending to do security.

Mandy Bachus

Mandy Bachus

Director of Corporate Communications

Mandy leads a team of savvy communicators who continually strive to interpret to share thought provoking news and resources with the InfoSec community.