Join Ben Hammersly as he dives deep into everything cybersecurity.

eSentire has partnered with noted BBC journalist and technologist Ben Hammersley to present BlackHatWhiteHat, a cybersecurity podcast focusing on the ever changing landscape of cyber threats. Each episode features global industry experts who analyze the breach cases dominating today’s headlines, lifting the curtain that conceals the black hat culprits and the white hats working to stop them.


Listen to Ben Hammersly discuss the latest in cybersecurity topics:

  • What is the cyberwar battleground, and just how seriously should we take it?
  • Catfishing and romance scamming - the experiences of the victims, and how they track the perps.
  • Just how secure is the financial industry, and what are its worst-kept secrets?
  • How much is too much personal information? Is Big Brother already watching us?
  • With several high-profile breaches in the past months, what can the legal profession do to protect themselves and the data they hold?

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