We detect the cyber threats that other technologies miss.

Simplify Security

Simplify Security

Let our award-winning team of security experts manage the complexity of cybersecurity, so you can focus on managing your business. We've simplified cybersecurity for mid-sized enterprise with a single service tailored to your individual business needs. Through our personalized, rapidly deployed threat management service, we provide confidence that your assets and reputation are continually protected.

Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

You need more than technology to guard against today's shifting threat landscape. As a trusted leader in cybersecurity, we go beyond the capabilities of traditional technologies, providing a high-touch service that defends your business against known and more importantly, unknown cyber threats. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts and expert advisers act as an extension of your team protecting your assets with full life cycle remediation and embedded incident response, on a continuous basis.

Gain Reassurance

Gain Reassurance

With limited in-house resources, responding to complex cyber threats and shifting regulatory requirements can be impossible. Our team works with you to understand your business policies and deliver a comprehensive service that aligns to your industry's unique governance measures while continually detecting, containing and remediating threats in real-time.

Mid-sized organizations are at increased risk for cyber attacks and it's because they share three common characteristics:

High Risk Assets
Low Tolerance for Risk
Minimum In-House Resources

Technology is Not Enough

Less than 40% of attacks are malware-based.

So where are the rest of the threats coming from?

Increase in social engineering attacks

Increase in Brute Force Attacks

Increase in Drive-by Download Attacks

It isn't always about technology. Sophisticated threats evade traditional security defenses by targeting your unsuspecting employees. We ran a test to find out if users could identify a phishing email. Here's what we found:

of users identified zero fake emails.

Could identify half of the fake emails.

identified all of the fake emails