We detect the cyber threats that other technologies miss.

As a mid-sized enterprise, you've become a popular target for the kinds of sophisticated cyber attacks that dominate daily headlines. Keeping up with emerging cyber threats and evolving regulatory measures isn't easy. At eSentire, we simplify cybersecurity, delivering an advanced service that protects your high-risk assets from the complex threats that technology alone can miss, 24x7.

Mid-sized organizations are at increased risk for cyber attacks and it's because they share three common characteristics:

High Risk Assets
Low Tolerance for Risk
Minimum In-House Resources

Technology is Not Enough

Less than 40% of attacks are malware-based.

So where are the rest of the threats coming from?

Increase in social engineering attacks

Increase in Brute Force Attacks

Increase in Drive-by Download Attacks

It isn't always about technology. Sophisticated threats evade traditional security defenses by targeting your unsuspecting employees. We ran a test to find out if users could identify a phishing email. Here's what we found:

of users identified zero fake emails.

Could identify half of the fake emails.

identified all of the fake emails